We’re Going Streaking!


If you haven’t figured out what this post is about from the title and logos above then you probably haven’t been following sports too closely.  There have been a quite a few streaks recently that have recently ended or are still on-going.  You may know the more popular ones but which do you think is the best?

The Miami Heat’s 27 game winning streak that ended last night against the Bulls.  It seems fitting that Chicago ended the Heat’s streak, as Miami has recently been compared to the great Bulls teams of the 90’s, mainly the ’95-’96 team that won 72 games.  This streak saw Lebron James average 27 points a game.  Miami’s streak is simply amazing, falling just six games shy of the ’71-’72 Lakers record of 33 straight.  Even though the streak is over, the Heat are still eyeing the ultimate goal of repeating as champions.

The Chicago Blackhawks had their own streak raging earlier this season; they earned at least one point in 24 straight games.  The Blackhawks had their streak ended by the Colorado Avalanche in a 6-2 loss. This streak was very impressive and at one point it was looking better than the Heat’s streak.  Chicago is sitting nicely at 25-4 with 53 points on the season.

Still ongoing, the Pittsburgh Penguins have a 13 game winning streak rolling along quite nicely.  The current winning streak record was set by the ’92-’93 Pens at 17 straight.  Pittsburgh has been very active lately in acquiring new players.  They recently acquired Brendon Morrow, Jarome Iginla, and Douglas Murray.  This acquisitions certainly push the envelope for extending their own record.

The Minnesota Women’s hockey team is one of the streaks you may not be as familiar with.  They recently won a championship by going 41-0 on the season.  This puts the team at 49 consecutive wins.

Last but not least, Baylor Women’s Basketball team went a perfect 31-0 in the regular season.  Brittney Griner recently put up 33 points while grabbing 22 rebounds to beat Florida State 85-47.  This team is looking phenomenal as they move on to the Sweet 16 against Louisville.

So there you have it.  These are five incredible streaks, each in their own special way.  Comment below to voice your opinion as to which streak is best!


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