Deer Antler Spray Vijay? (WhatTheHOFF?)


Vijay Singh

Vijay Singh has recently been cleared of any doping infringement he may have been accused of.  Deer antler spray is the name of the game.  But why Vijay?

You hear all these drug testing policies being put into place by leagues such as the NFL and most notably Major League Baseball.  Even during media week running up to the Super Bowl last year, Ray Lewis was accused of using deer antler spray.  When do you ever hear anything about the PGA Tour carrying out drug testing though?  It really seems to be a non-issue within the Association.

The more I hear about this story the more I have to sit back and ask myself why a golfer would want to take deer antler spray?  In case you were wondering, these are the claims of deer antler spray:

“Deer velvet naturally increases your body’s production of IGF-1 (insulin growth-like factor 1), which is directly associated with HGH levels. As your IGF-1 levels increase, your HGH levels will increase as well.

As you take a deer antler velvet supplement, your IGF-1 level will naturally increase. IGF-1 increases the rate at which your muscle cells divide, known as muscle fiber hyperplasia. In other words, IGF-1 helps to increase the overall number of muscle fibers you have. Likewise, IGF-1 helps each individual muscle cell get larger, so your muscles will grow in size. Combined, these two mechanisms help increase your muscle mass and strength.” (Antler X)

I understand that, as a golfer, you may want to increase your drive distance or overall power.  I wouldn’t necessarily think that putting on crazy amounts of muscle mass are going to help that though.  If anything, too much mass would seem to me to almost impede a nice swinging motion. There was a lot of heat surrounding Tiger Woods and his swing when he went though that phase of bulking up a couple years back.

Here’s what Vijay was apparently looking to accomplish by “spraying”:

“I’m looking forward to some change in my body”

Ok that is fine.  But if he’s looking to make a change in his body, why not just stick with a good workout regimin and some healthy proteins?

Being such a private man, it doesn’t make sense to me that he would ingest substances that are at least borderline illegal.  This just brought on a huge wave of media attention and questions surrounding his uses of deer antler spray.  I just don’t get it.  That is why I am asking you Vijay, What The HOFF?



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