Stop Sulking Chicago, Nate Robinson is Your Unsung Hero

Nate Robinson

The ongoing controversy surrounding Derrick Rose and his return continues to be front page news.  Will he return to play against Lebron and the Heat?  Will he return this season at all?  The answer should be a resounding NO.

An unsung hero has officially arrived for the Chicago Bulls.  This guy has been nothing short of amazing averaging 18.3 points per game in the playoffs and 4.3 assists per game.  What may be even more impressive is that the man stands at five feet nine inches tall.

The Bulls struggled a little bit in the first round against the Brooklyn Nets, taking the series to seven games.  They managed to close out and earn a spot playing the Miami Heat in the second round.  It’s been one game and already we can see the tenacity of Robinson.  He shot 50% while putting up 27 points and nine assists.  I didn’t even mention the fact that he got his face smashed in, ended up taking 10 stitches, and returned to the floor to return the favor.

With a hyperactive player like Robinson on the floor and a 1-0 lead on the Miami Heat, why would the Bulls even consider putting rose back on the floor?  As much as I’d like to see Rose playing again, I think it is the wrong idea in the middle of a series.  After more than a year of not playing the game, I don’t believe he could just step on the court and hang with Lebron James and company.

If, by chance, the Bulls manage to beat the Heat and advance to the Eastern Conference Championship, I believe Rose could be reintroduced as long as he is willing.  All this talk I keep hearing about Derrick Rose returning for game three seems ridiculous.  It seems to be something in Rose’s head telling him he’s not ready.  How do you put a timetable on that?

As for Bulls, I believe they have a small chance to defeat Miami if Robinson keeps balling like he has been.  There is talk about Lebron guarding Robinson in game two, which I think will be very interesting to watch.

All I know is, the Heat better have a plan to stop Robinson if they want to win.  The Bulls are tough and the unlikely Robinson is showing us why.

“Play as long as we can and as hard as we can”

-Nate Robinson



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