Here’s To You Patriotic Tonto Bird Call Guy (WhatTheHOFF?)


Since the US Open is currently taking place this weekend, I figured I would do a throwback post of last year’s US Open.  This post though, has less to do with golf and a lot more to do with sheer entertainment.

I just remembered yesterday that last year, while being interviewed by Bob Costas, Webb Simpson gets oddly interrupted.  Webb had just won the Open and was answering a few questions when a random guy doing bird calls cuts in front of the camera.

As I said, I remembered this yesterday and wanted to incorporate a new type of post called #ThrowbackThursday.  That will have to wait for next week.  In the mean time, watch this fool get his 5 seconds of fame before he gets ripped out of view.  Even better than the bird guy’s face, look at the intrigue and confusion on Bob Costas’ face.

This leaves me with so many questions:  Why the bird calls?  What happened to the guy afterwards?  Either way, here’s to you Patriotic Tonto Bird Call Guy.  One more question, WhatTheHOFF?!


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