Can The 49ers Connect Every Fan At Once?


49ers New Stadium Mock-up

Everyone at any sports game in today’s wireless world expects to get the information they want from a wireless source.  What many don’t know is how those networks work.

I, personally, would choose to incorporate fiber running into the stadium to provide the stadium’s server with an internet connection.  From there I would be sure to have most of the stadium running off of wireless.  It would be a hybrid network that connects the stadium.  Things like cash registers and other equipment that will be stationary will be hardwired if possible.

It would seem smart to have a separate network for both stadium operations and consumer use.  This way, ticketing devices and other necessary stadium equipment would run off of a separate server.  This would leave a dedicated server or servers to the fans alone.

The fan’s network would likely be transmitted wirelessly to a few hundred access points throughout the stadium.  Each level of seating would likely have their own set of wireless access points to ensure fans can easily connect no matter where their seats are.

For the design of the San Francisco 49ers new stadium network, the plan is to allow each and every fan access to the network without capping the bandwidth limits, if necessary.  This sounds insane, but excellent.  The stadium will provide a terabit of bandwidth to fans, so even if every one of the 68,500 person capacity end up using their phones to access the internet at once, there will be no data cap and the network will be safe.

The idea of that many people accessing a wireless network at one time is possible, but not probable.  At last year’s Super Bowl, there were a maximum of 8,260 at one time across 700 access points.  To get a better idea of the 49ers new stadium network plans, read this article:  “The 49ers’ plan to build the greatest stadium Wi-Fi network of all time“.



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