Farmers Almanac Predicts A Snow Storm For Super Bowl XLVIII

Who cares?  Football is better with snow

Written by Josh Hoffert (@WhatTheHOFF)
Cold weather Super Bowl

MetLife Stadium hosts Super Bowl XLVIII


New Jersey is set to host the Super Bowl on February 2, 2014.  The decision to host the game in a cold weather climate has already had its critiques.  Piling onto that, the Farmer’s Almanac has just predicted a major winter storm hitting the Northeast near game day.  This is just ridiculous.

I will start by saying I am completely in favor of a non-covered, wintery Super Bowl.  By saying this, I am not hoping to see a foot of snow on the field at MetLife Stadium.  But personally, I enjoy seeing a snow game.  These are the games that you picture the great cold weather teams like the Steelers and Bears playing.  The linemen’s taped fingers hit the snow, breath blowing from their mouths, player’s heads smoking on the sidelines.  Not only is this classic football, but a little bit of snow (an inch maybe) adds an extra element to the game.  Would Adam Vinatieri be nearly the legend he is if the “Snow Bowl” field goals were kicked in great conditions?  Certainly not.

As far as the Farmer’s Almanac goes, I think it’s a bunch of hogwash.  Forecasters already have problems getting the seven day forecast right; hell, they have problems getting a five day prediction.  From the time of this post, the Super Bowl is 159 days away, what are the odds of getting that prediction correct?

The editors of the Almanac claim it is correct about 80 percent of the time.  The only way I see that as a plausible number is if the “groundhog” predicted it, and we all know his (or her) track record.

I think it’s time for people to cool down about a cold weather Super Bowl, no pun intended.  While I am no weather forecaster – even though I may be as good as one – I can say that the Super Bowl is in safe hands.  I have no doubt that the proper backup plans have been put in place.

Things happen.  Think about the blackout at the Superdome last year; the situation was taken care of.  If the major concern is about an inch or two of snow, to me, this is a non-concern.  Football is better in snow.  WhatTheHOFF?  Take a look at the Snow Bowl below:



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