How Does FS1 Stack Up Against ESPN Part II

Fox Sports 1 is indifferent

Written by Megan Heck (
Fox Sports 1 review

What do you think of FS1?

A few weeks ago I was approached with a proposition to abandon my most watched TV Network and switch to its newly created competition. While I haven’t completely ruled out FS1 I was not impressed at all. I understand it is a new network searching for its own identity, but I realized they have of developing to do. That being said, lets get into my review of FS1.

First thing I noticed was the on screen graphics, they are very amateur. Now, I don’t think you can attribute this to the fact that the network is still young and growing. It looks like something you would see on a much smaller scale and even local sports channel. ESPN’s graphics have always been fantastic, possibly pushing the industry to higher standards with every update. Speaking of updates, ESPN is updating its SportsCenter set to a 193,000 square foot building and running up a bill of $125 million. I think FS1 really should have put more value into their graphics. They do have a nice side bar and bottom bar just like SportsCenter, but includes some nice social media features on top of it all.  I think this was a smart move on their part.

FS1 still seems like they are aiming at a very niche marketing, including Fox Soccer Daily and the NASCAR Race Hub shows. Granted they do deserve coverage because there is a big market of people who do enjoy them. I am not a fan of NASCAR, but I will find myself watching a good soccer match on a rare occasion.

One thing that I love about SportsCenter is the anchors and other personalities they have hosting the shows. Some of them have become very iconic in the industry.  To name a few:  Stewart Scott, Kenny Mayne, Scott Van Pelt, Chris Berman and Linda Cohn.  I had to cut that list severely short. I don’t know how many times I have to say it, FS1 is young and it is too soon to say that I don’t like the personalities they have selected. You have to give them a chance. Part of me feels like they just tried to find people who were semi famous in their respected sports and turn them into TV show hosts.

Which leads me to my next point, Regis Philbin is hosting a show called “The Crowd Goes WIld”. It reminds of the show on ESPN called “SportsNation”.  I am not a fan of either of these shows.  I’m not sure what crowd they are trying to draw in but it seems like both networks are reaching with each of these shows. Given the fact that “The Crowd Goes Wild” is in the same time slots as “Around The Horn” and “Pardon The Interruption”,  I feel like they should have went more in the direction of witty argumentative intelligent sports show rather than an entertainment show.

Overall I am neither excited or disappointed in the launch, I am indifferent. I think it has some potential, and it will be doing some identity searching in the next couple of months, but I will not be watching this network over ESPN anytime soon.




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