Just How Good Are The Seahawks?

Good enough to win the division

Written by Josh Hoffert (@WhatTheHOFF)
Marshawn Lynch (Beast Mode)


After watching the Seattle Seahawks play the San Francisco 49ers last night at home, it’s clear that this team is making a statement.  Everything from the pre-game smack talk over Twitter, to the post game Richard Sherman interview was what I expected from a team closely eyeing a championship.

It started with Anthony Dixon tweeting about feeling right at home in the hostile environment of the “She-Hawks”.  That’s right, he went with a sixth grade “She-Hawks” blast.  It quickly became apparent that the 49ers weren’t “at home” in Seattle.  The fans there are called the “12th Man” for a reason.  The night saw a world record setting 136.6 decibel sound level within CenturyLink Field.

In reply to Dixon’s tweet, KJ Wright of the Seahawks hit him back with a “Forty-Whiners” dig.  This isn’t quite on the same level as the original tweet, but still garners an eighth grade feel to it.

Judging by the tweets, the teams were ready for each other.  But the reigning NFC Champions may not have been up to the task.  Marshawn Lynch was certainly showing everyone why he is called “Beast Mode”.  The dude ran for 98 yards and scored two touchdowns on the ground.  He also ended up with 37 receiving yards and one TD through the air.  Pete Carroll says they haven’t proven how good their running game can be:

“We are dedicated to running the ball and we are going to keep working until we really own it, and we don’t own the running right now like we can. We’ll get better at it,”

The team had 172 rushing yards.  If they haven’t shown their true potential yet, then I can’t imagine what is to come.

The passing game on both sides was sub par.  Both quarterbacks threw for under 150 yards.  The major difference was Colin Kaepernick throwing three interceptions and Russell WIlson throwing just one.

Both these QBs have made their names because of the versatility.  Kaepernick did rack up 87 yards rushing compared to Wilson’s 33.  Perhaps the rain delay had something to do with how both quarterbacks started the game.

According to Seahawk’s Richard Sherman, Wilson took a shower during the delay and when he came back out he looked like a “bad man”.  He continued to explain how great of a team they have in Seattle.  With the defense forcing five turnovers, they certainly put their play on film.  Look out for this team late in the year.  They will win the NFC West.

Take a look at Sherman’s awesome post game interview here.







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