The Pirates Are In With A Win

Pittsburgh handles the Reds and shakes up Cueto

Written by Josh Hoffert (@WhatTheHOFF)
Pittsburgh Crowd shakes Cueto

Pittsburgh Crowd shakes Cueto

It’s been a long time since the Pittsburgh Pirates have been in the postseason; 21 years in fact.  In that time, the Pirates had a winning record just once.  With the Steelers losing across the street, Pittsburgh has been flipped on its head.  The Steel City has become a Pirate lovers paradise.

The game on Tuesday night was incredible.  The team was playing well, hitting home runs, and shaking up Cincinnati Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto.  The stadium was loud and electric, as it should have been.  It’s been a long time since Pittsburgh natives have been able to cheer for their baseball team and not their football team.

PNC Park was standing room only for the one and done MLB wildcard game.  While Cueto was on the mound, the crowd got into his head.  Fans  started chanting Cueto, Cueto, Cueto like they were being waved on by a conductor.  The fans deserve credit too, as they did manage to get inside the pitchers mind.  Take a look at this:

As a team, you can’t ask anything more of your fans.  I can’t imagine being Cueto standing on that mound in front of thousands of chanting fans.  It’s not a wonder he dropped the ball like he did.

With the Pirates recent win, they are off to St Louis to face the Cardinals, which is about to start.  I believe this team can make a good run into the playoffs.  The Pirates have something to prove as explained by Andrew McCutchen:

“Even though I didn’t lose for the last 20 years, they make you feel like you are. You feel like you lost those 20 years.  That’s all you hear. You hear it every single day — ‘When’s it going to change? You think this is the year?’ You get sick and tired of hearing that. It’s awesome that there won’t be any questions anymore. The question is are we going to be able to go farther.”

Fortunately for the Pirates, wildcard teams have much better chances of playing for the championship than their football counterparts do.  Then again, we’ve seen that happen in Pittsburgh too, haven’t we?





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