Manning And The Broncos: High Power

Are the Denver Broncos the best?  The stats are saying ‘Yes’

Written by Josh Hoffert (@WhatTheHOFF)
Peyton Manning, Quarterback, Denver Broncos

This may be a record breaking season for the 37 year old Manning

Just two seasons ago, we all had a good suspicion that Peyton Manning may not be the same when he came back from multiple neck surgeries.  On the contrary, last season was a good one.  But if last season can be labeled as “Good” for Peyton, that would mean this season can thus far be labeled as “mind-blowing”.

Last night, we saw a good ol’ fashioned shootout between Tony Romo’s Cowboys and Peyton Manning’s Broncos.  The two quarterbacks combined for 920 passing yards, nine passing touchdowns, and one rushing touchdown.  Ironically enough, the rushing touchdown came from Peyton who hasn’t rushed for one in five years.

Manning has also passed for 20 touchdowns and just one interception this season.  If that isn’t enough to impress you, the Broncos have scored 230 points this season, giving them a leg up on the Rams 2000 team, “The Greatest Show On Turf” for most points in the first five games.

Even more impressive may be the fact that four of the Broncos receivers are on pace to surpass the 1,000 yard mark.  With Peyton passing as efficiently as he is, this is completely possible.

The Broncos are averaging 46 points per game.  Take a look at the Broncos  exchanging jabs with the Jaguars on Twitter:


The Broncos Twitter account is incredible to follow right now.  Stats on stats on stats.  The team has been tweeting all kinds of records that they are projected to break this year, based off of their current pace.

I think it’s entirely possible that this offense could be the best football has ever seen.  Peyton is a master of the game.  Not only that but the team has a swagger to it, as we have seen from the Twitter battle.

There’s no doubt that the team is playing spectacular football.  A second ring would certainly solidify Manning’s legacy as arguably the best quarterback in NFL history.  There’s a lot of season left to go though.  Do you think the Broncos can keep their pace the rest of the season?




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