Tomas Hertl Gets Technical

This kid is good.  Really good.

Written by Josh Hoffert (@WhatTheHOFF)


tomas Hertl goal

“Guys did you see my fourth goal? I’m just playing around out there”

It’s probably my favorite time of year; the big four sports are all rolling along.  Hockey seems to fly a bit under the radar this time of year, but it’s players like Tomas Hertl that provide a spotlight for the NHL.

Tomas Hertl is a 19 year old rookie from the Czech Republic.  The kid is a…well, a kid.  He plays for the San Jose Sharks, arguably one of the best looking teams in the National Hockey League.

In a recent game against the New York Rangers, Hertl’s third game in the league, the kid showed us what he is made of.  Tomas accounted for four of the team’s 9 goals against the Rangers.  None of the goals were better than his fourth though.  Take a look at this shot:

It’s one thing to do this sort of thing in practice.  It’s something else when a player can manage to pull it off in a game like Hertl did.  Look at the kid’s smile as he is sitting on the bench too.  He looks like a kid on Christmas morning, as he should.

This is exactly what the NHL needs in order to gain a share of the spotlight during this busy time in the sports world.  While we can’t expect a “Mighty Duck” performance from Hertl every game, he has at least laid a foundation for himself and the NHL.

“This is a dream. It’s crazy, four goals.  I never in the Czech league, I never had three. And (four) in the NHL, it’s crazy.” -Tomas Hertl

Of course it’s a dream for Hertl, the kid just scored four goals in an NHL game.  Perhaps there is some “sportsman-like” etiquette to be learned by the youngster, but that may come with time.  I’m not going to rage on the kid though.  Coach Todd McLellan did the right thing and took him out of the rest of the game to ensure he wouldn’t catch the goalie staring at the ice again.

It’s Hertl’s first time in the spotlight.  I just hope he keeps Mighty-Ducking people and learns some etiquette somewhere in between.




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