Any Given Sunday In The NFL: Jags Vs Broncos

Stop forecasting blowouts

Written by Josh Hoffert (@WhatTheHOFF)
Broncos vs Jaguars

Jaguars scored 19 on Denver

Any given Sunday… I’m not sure where or who coined this term, but it sure is true about the National Football League. It seems to me that it’s unreasonable to think one bad team will get blown out by a great team. And so we have seen the Broncos and Jaguars story.

I quickly hit on this topic last week, talking about how great Peyton Manning looks and how the Broncos and Jags were feuding on Twitter. It was actually a great story up until the talk of Denver pulling Manning at halftime.  Why would Denver pull Peyton at halftime?  Because people were predicting a blowout by halftime.

To even predict such a thing is crazy.  It all goes back to the saying: Any given Sunday.  This is part of what makes the NFL so great.  Of course Denver won.  But Jacksonville – as bad as they may be – cannot be counted out before a game even starts.

The Jags were averaging 10 points a game.  The team went into Denver and put up 19 points on the Broncos.  If you were wondering, that is more than anyone was predicting.  I actually like how Peyton answered to the press:

“Certainly, it does motivate the opponent when they’re hearing it all week.  For us, it is business as usual, and it is about executing every single week.”

I honestly don’t care about what the “spread” says.  I think part of the beauty of the NFL is the fact that any team can win on any day.  It’s especially true when games are divisional. For instance, a game between divisional rivals that features one team with a record of 2-10 and another with a record of 10-2 can easily play out in favor of either team.

So again, the term “Any given Sunday” always applies in the NFL.  While the Jags didn’t win the game, they did better than most thought; Manning even played four quarters of football.  That’s what I expect to see.  So enough with predicting “blowouts”.





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