Steve Smith Owns Janoris Jenkins (WhatTheHOFF?)

It turns out, eighty-nine is the bottom line

Written by Josh Hoffert (@WhatTheHOFF)
Steve Smith

Steve Smith is fire


It appears being on the bad side of Steve Smith is being on the wrong side.  Of course, I shouldn’t have to tell anyone that.  Although, there may be a few people out there that don’t know.  I am talking about you Janoris Jenkins.

A few years back, Steve Smith flew under my radar as wideout in the National Football League.  It wasn’t until I listened to an interview with him that I realized how great this guy is.  It’s easy enough to say he is a great wide receiver.  But the more I listen to him, the more I realize he is a really good guy.  Sure, he may be a show-boater at times, but usually because he just burned your ass for a touchdown.

Speaking of getting burned for touchdowns, Janoris Jenkins now knows what that feels like.  After scoring the touchdown, Steve Smith pointed directly at Jenkins and does a “Primetime” dance.  Steve had the following to say about his touchdown dance:

“Well he thinks he’s Deion (Sanders). He’s not.”

This was completely called for in my eyes.  When asked if he had any run-ins with Jenkins before, Steve replied:

“No. What I don’t like is a young guy, comes in, obviously his first time ever using the Internet and Google, and he Googles information about me, talks about my wife and stuff like that. That’s kind of some of the (B.S.) I just don’t play with.”

Jenkins is downright out of line.  Trash talking someone’s game is one thing, but bringing up a man’s family is classless.

Again, you don’t want to be on the wrong side of Steve Smith and this just proves it.  What I like about the 89 is the fact that he answers questions with great, truthful, straight-forward answers.

Just last week, I hit on the unwritten rules of sports while talking about the Dodgers as well as Tomas Hertl.  This falls within that category.  WhatTheHOFF?  There is no room for this crap in football, or any sport for that matter.  What there is room for though, is more Steve Smith, especially when he says he will punch Jenkins in the face.  Check out his post-game interview:




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