Kobe Bryant Might Be A Wizard

Bryant’s mindset is vicious

Written by Josh Hoffert (@WhatTheHOFF)
Kobe Bryant

Like a wine, age makes Kobe better

Throughout his career, Kobe Bryant has continually proved his ability to play through and recover from injuries. His tolerance for pain appears to be greater than most. But perhaps we can partially chalk up his quick returns to a will and determination that is unrivaled. This guy is scary for more reasons than one.

An Achilles injury is devastating to any athlete. Kobe’s is no different when it comes to the injury itself. But what differs is the path each athlete takes in their recovery.

24 has a relentless mind set, pushing hard to get back on the court. It’s scary what he can do when his mind is set on something and his effort is fueled by the media and other naysayers.

This injury is no exception. Kobe has fought vigorously to get back in shape after suffering from an injury that would set back even a younger athlete.

In a recent ESPN player ranking, the Mamba was ranked 25th in the league. To add to insult, the sports network also said the Lakers would end the season in 12th place in the West.

While Bryant isn’t getting any younger, his mind appears to be sharper. Now that these numbers have caught Bryant’s attention, I can only imagine his brain processing the information like a calculator, calculating and adjusting equations.

This is the part where Vino goes to work. This is where Kobe sets out to prove that numbers can be wrong when they are backed by opinion.

As a public note of the low rankings, Kobe changed his Twitter picture to a simple numerical reminder: 1225. The number represents each ranking, but the picture means so much more. It’s fuel for the Mamba.

Once Kobe has something like this in his head, it’s scary what he can do. Honestly, Jedi Mind Tricks is an understatement.

I don’t think anyone knows exactly when 24 will make his return. But the stage is set. One thing is for sure, he’s going to make damn sure he proves those ill-fated numbers wrong. Watch the man work.





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