The Aboutness

Welcome to WhatTheHOFF, my name is Josh.  The goal here is to provide insight and ideas about the sports world while providing great content and a place to argue your own opinion.  Opinions on sports are so varied that everyone feels they should be sharing their own ideas and experiences.  This is a place to do that.  Voice your opinion in the comments section.  Tell me I’m wrong, or agree and expand on my ideas.  I enjoy reading a good, factual, well thought out opinion.  Don’t be brash and biased about “your team”.  Saying that a team “sucks” because they are rivals of “your own team” is not an opinion I care about.  I try to remain unbiased and view the sports world with an open mind.  Argue, debate, inform, cheer.

A couple of my feature posts include the “almost weekly” WhatTheHOFF posts, as well as my #ThrowBackThursday posts.  WhatTheHOFF posts review some odd, ridiculous, and outrageous sports topics that make you question what is really happening.  As for #ThrowBackThursday, I write one feature on a particular sports event that occurred in on that Thursday in history.  I will also highlight other important happenings on that day in sports history.  It’s a great chance to learn some history.

You might be asking yourself, “Why should I read, argue, debate, inform, and cheer here?”

I’ll let a Tweet answer that for me:

He also thinks I'm the man


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