The Business

During my three years at Full Sail University, I have acquired an extensive portfolio of projects, from writings to marketing plans.  This page is dedicated to exactly that:  My digital portfolio.

This first video was based around a marketing plan I had built from the ground up.  It features Red Bull and an event I call Red Bull Nation.

The next video I have here is one I created for digital storytelling.

The Black and Gold Goes Green Race is an event I created for runners, bikers, and long boarders that was intended to help the city of Pittsburgh go green and stay active.  Below is the poster I designed for the event, followed by the link to the marketing plan document.

Advertising Piece

Event Marketing Plan

I designed the following infographic to explain some of the ownership liabilities of Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.


This is a mock-up of a magazine cover I had created as a photography assignment.

Magazine Cover

For one of my classes, I had to create a brand (WhatTheHOFF!) and track how my brand was performing.  This infographic depicts exactly how my brand was performing shortly after it was created.



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