Dodgers Stand Up For Puig By Brawling With Diamondbacks

Dodger’s Yasiel Puig

Early on in this MLB season, I posted about Zack Greinke hitting Carlos Quentin with a pitch and the two fighting.  I will state this again:  I am mostly against fighting.  I think there are better ways to solve issues than by throwing punches.  If I had to have an exception, it would be fighting for your team.

That is what the Dodgers seemed to be doing when their new star Yasiel Puig was struck in the face by a pitch on Tuesday night.  Puig is a beast and remained in the game.  That is, until he was thrown out for brawling like a mad man.

I won’t get too technical, but overall there were five players hit by pitches during the game.  This is just absurd.

Puig was the first player to be hit by a pitch from Ian Kennedy.  If we know anything, it’s that Greinke isn’t scared of drilling someone with a pitch.  So what does he do?  He retaliates for his team by hitting Miguel Montero.  And in turn, Kennedy ended up racking Greinke with a pitch to the head again, this one off of Greinke’s ear piece.

That’s when the benches cleared:

“It got pretty ugly.  They came out of nowhere, just throwing punches. When everybody was trying to break it up, they just kept coming and throwing punches. It was like 25 against 72, because all the DL [disabled list] guys were out there, too. I guess their arms were feeling pretty good because they were throwing good punches.”


A good ol’ fashioned baseball brawl.  I’m glad all the DL players were throwing mad punches too.

I don’t hate that these teams fought for their “brothers in arms”.  What I think is ridiculous is the precursor to the fight; five players being hit by pitches.

I would have to say Yasiel Puig is worth standing up for by brawling.  That is one note worth taking.  As a footnote, at 6:36 Mark McGwire goes HAM and looks scary:  Don’t mess with him.



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